Tuesday, September 21, 2021 11:41

About me

I am a Norwegian. My main work is within Electrical and Instrumentation in the Oil Industry.

My photography started as a hobby, but has now developed into a registered business.
I sell prints, some in limited and numbered series. Some on canvas, some on  paper. I also do some printing for others and I do some work on assignment if time permits it.

I always liked to call myself an Underwater Photographer, but without doing much writing it is hard to make that kind of work pay off for the gear. Still equipped for it and still diving though.
Later years most of my sold prints has been landscapes, and my marine photos have got some attention.
I like to shoot action style photos. Even my landscapes tends to have some action, sunny days are ok for relaxing..

The printing is done on an Epson 9900, so I can print most materials up to 111,8mm, or 44 inches wide. The media in use are professional papers from Epson, Ilford, Harmann and Hahnemuehle. The canvas from Breathing Color and Epson.